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Your entire cycling career you played by the book. You want to become the best cyclist. You already obtained several nice victories, but not the ones that will make you appear in the history books. You live as an über-professional, you follow your training program in detail, but you’re stuck somewhere sub-top. You realize your 30th birthday is getting closer. You look back at your past and notice that you’ve dedicated already more than half of your life to cycling.



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Recently somebody asked me ‘what if you would challenge EJ and tell him you might not marry him this summer if he doesn’t manage to win a race by then’. Ofcourse, this comment was meant to be funny and was not to be taken seriously at all. But it made me think about what importance EJ ‘as a cyclist’ has in my life. Quickly I came to the conclusion that I’m not having a relationship with EJ because he’s a cyclist. He has so many other qualities which make me want to spend the rest of my life with him. I just support him in his passion for cycling, like he supports me (most of the times) in my love for shoes and decoration.

I must admit though that having a relationship with a cyclist does have its advantages:

* MUSCLES.  EJ’s muscled body keeps on fascinating me. An attractive game between rock hard muscles on those powerful thighs. His buttocks seemingly sculpted out of 2 smooth masses of very moldable dough. The meaningful bloodsupply clearly visible on the scarred arms and legs and giving the entire package an extra heroic touch. Also women can have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves!

* ZEBRA.  With EJ by my side, I always find my way in the dark. At least when he’s not wearing any clothes. Nicely tanned arms from wrist to upperarm. Sunkissed legs from the edge of the socks to just above the knee. His face seemingly scorched, at least the part that peeps out of his cycling helmet and sunglasses. The rest reflects; no need for bleaching. With a special mention for the (more…)


On Friday 27th of September 2013 I received a phone call from my dad. He just heard on the radionews that EJ’s team Crelan-Euphony quits. That was old news for us. We knew the sponsor Crelan would go on with the cyclocross riders and that the team had found a new sponsor to take over the road cyclists. But my dad insisted that apparently the team didn’t get the administrative requirements ready on time to obtain a UCI license for 2014. At that same moment we received an email from the teammanagement with the same press release…

Panic… I quickly called EJ who as usual was training on the Flemish roads. He had his mobile earplugs in and also had heard the radionews. He also thought that the news concerned the fact that Crelan quits with the road cyclists. No problem as a new sponsor will take over. But when I told EJ about the email from the teammanagement, I heard his brakes squealing…  Disbelief. Anger. Doubts…What now?


Step by step…

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For EJ a new cycling season starts already in September. Eventhough he doesn’t fully realize it, EJ already starts making plans for intense wintertrainings in September. For weeks I need to hear that he can’t wait to start his wintertrainings and go full blast. Impatiently he already looks forward to the Flemish classics, his favorite period of the cycling season. Just like every year, I need to get him off his pink cloud and make him realize that in September the cycling season is not finished yet. He can still win races before mid-October too! Step by step.



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While having the previous edition of this blog online only since last week, it’s maybe a bit early to already start the serious talk. But still, I think that this current edition should be shared with the public rather today than in a few weeks. As this weekend it’s been 3 years since my mom lost her battle against cancer.

I won’t deviate about what a wonderful woman she actually was, how much her family meant to her and what a close mother-daughter relationship we truly had. She’s our mom and that on itself is already a wonderful fact.

6 long years she continuously tried to reverse her fate into something positive.



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I’m going to be very honest. Sometimes it’s not that pleasant. Recently my dearest (Egidijus Juodvalkis, since 1st of January 2014 cyclist at the Belgian continental team 3M) left for 2 weeks to Spain for an individual training session followed by team training.

For EJ this is the perfect opportunity to swop his daily routine on Belgian roads a sunnier alternative training routes. I personally thought it might also be good for EJ to have some time entirely to himself and concentrate only on cycling instead of being chased by a hungry son looking for attention or having a stressed girlfriend around him. (I can’t say this out loud J EJ doesn’t agree).

For me, at the contrary, his trip to Spain was less fun. I was expected to combine an often stressful fulltime job with a 13 months old son and with the household.